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Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance

With the start of Spring and brighter, longer days, we are seeing more people riding their bikes, running through trails, hiking, and many other outdoor activities that the Sea-to-Sky Corridor has to offer. We do these sports to stay fit, reduce stress levels, and to have fun! Some do them casually, and others are training for a specific race, with an ultimate goal in mind – whether that is to beat a specific time or merely to finish the race.


Besides a regular training regime to prepare for an upcoming race, IV (Intravenous) vitamin/mineral therapy can help with increasing athletic endurance and boosting energy levels. When a drug or nutrient is injected directly into the bloodstream, the digestive system is by-passed, allowing the medication to flow directly into the cells.  Intravenous delivery of essential vitamins and trace minerals can be highly effective, and often leaves one feeling energized and at times euphoric.  The formula varies according to the individual and their health concerns, but generally includes: vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, vitamins B5, B6, B12, B complex, and trace minerals (zinc, selenium, manganese, copper and chromium). These IVs can be given prior to a race, as well as post-event to help replenish and re-hydrate.


A balanced diet that is high in lean protein, beneficial fats and unrefined/complex carbohydrates is also important when conditioning your body for a race. Certain antioxidants (such as Vitamins A, C, and E, CoQ10, and zinc) can also be supplemented to quench any free radicals and give extra nutrients that your body may need. Add-in keeping hydrated (and adding in essential electrolytes as needed) and proper sleep, and you will set yourself up for a great race season ahead!


For more information on IV therapy and how it can benefit you, please contact Garibaldi Health Clinic.

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