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Electromagnetic radiation is a controversial issue worldwide. Various studies globally have identified that extremely low frequency (ELF), radio frequency (RF) and microwave radiation (collectively called electrosmog or electromagnetic radiation-EMR) can negatively affect us over prolonged periods of time (acute exposures are not commonly seen except perhaps occupationally).

Reactions can vary from mild to severe and the onset can be slow to abrupt. The slower the onset and the milder the symptoms, the more difficult it is to identify EMR sensitivity as the cause. Reported symptoms vary widely and can include:

  • Neurological symptoms such as, but not limited to, headaches, dizziness, disorientation, nausea, tinnitus, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, depression, and memory loss.
  • Dermatological symptoms – skin itching, burning, tingling, swelling, rashes and facial flushing
  • Cardio-vascular symptoms – altered heart rate , unusual cardiac sensations described as thumping, bounding or pounding, chest pain, chest pressure and shortness of breath not related to exertion
  • Respiratory symptoms– asthma, sinusitis, nasal congestion, bronchitis and pneumonia
  • Digestive symptoms – nausea, irritable bowel syndrome, gluten and dairy sensitivities
  • Ophthalmological (Eye) symptoms – pain or burning of the eyes, unexplained deteriorating vision, pressure in or behind the eye, floaters and/or cataracts
  • Immune system symptoms – allergies, increased susceptibility to colds and flus, auto-immune diseases
  • Miscellaneous – impaired smell, excessive thirst, nosebleeds, elevated blood sugar, hypoglycemia, redistribution of toxic elements, deteriorating dental amalgams, infertility
  • More severe symptoms – internal bleeding, unconsciousness, paralysis and seizures
  • Exposure tends to exacerbate existing conditions of Lyme Disease, autism and multiple
    chemical sensitivities, and those suffering with these conditions seem to be more susceptible to electro (EMR) sensitivity symptoms



Below are some suggestions to help clear your immediate living (home and work) space of EMR and thus reduce the incidence of the above symptoms and conditions from occurring. Even if it isn’t possible to make changes to everything below, do your best to do what you can to reduce these frequencies from your surroundings.


  • Inspect your home/office and note all of the electrical devices, tools and appliances-from refrigerator to electric toothbrushes
  • In the area of your home/office where you spend long periods of time, make sure you keep all electrical devices away from you by at least one meter
  • If possible, have an EMF inspection of at least your sleeping area, identifying the specific electrical circuits that elevate your body voltage to above 20 milli Volts (mV) and either install a “demand switch” or “demand remote” to switch these circuits off at night. Switching them off manually each night is also an option
  • If an EMF inspection is not an option, keep all electric devices such as electric clocks, radios, TVs, telephones (cell phone and phones plugged into the wall), voltage converters and other electrical devices one meter or more from beds; choose battery operated alarm clocks
  • Arrange beds away from any major appliances or electrical panel boxes in the bedroom or on adjacent walls
  • Avoid the use of electric blankets, heating pads or water beds
  • Stand back at least one meter from operating a toaster, electric kettle, electric stove or oven or toaster oven when immediate attention is not required
  • Avoid the use of microwave ovens or stand away by one meter when in use
  • Cook on rear elements of electric stove instead of front elements to provide safer distance from source of EMF
  • Avoid use of electric hair dryers, especially on children
  • Avoid or use extra caution when using electrical appliances when pregnant
  • If you choose to use a wireless device, recharge away from the sleeping area
  • If possible, sleep on bed systems without any metal and ideally made of natural organic material


Best of luck with reducing your EMR exposure and becoming healthier!

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