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Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.

~Eckhart Tolle

This powerful quote is very appropriate always, but especially now as we enter into Thanksgiving and we turn to look at what we are most grateful for in our lives. Maybe we don’t have to actually look further than where we already are in our lives. Perhaps what we have NOW, in this PRESENT moment, is enough and full of abundance. We tend to always look further or deeper as to what we don’t have, rather than to be grateful for everything that we do have in our lives. This is something far easier said than done, but nonetheless, worth to keep practicing to achieve.

Meditation is one way, when practiced regularly, where we are forced to turn inwards and simply focus on our breath and the present moment. This can be deeply powerful. It can be a tool that many of us could benefit from.

If we used our energy to focus on the half-full glass, rather than the half-empty glass, how could this affect our overall health and state of well-being?

It has been shown that simply being thankful in our lives, can improve our physical, mental and emotional health – from improved sleep, to enhanced immunity, and lowered stress levels. It can also reduce our anxiety, improve our vitality, and allow us to feel empowered. Being grateful for our life and the world we live in, opens our hearts and expands our consciousness. We can feel appreciative of beauty, art, nature, or of someone, and this can lead to greater contentment and can help us to nourish ourselves and our relationships.

The Connection between Health & Gratitude:

  • Gratitude reduces depression and anxiety – many of our positive feel-good brain chemicals are enhanced when we practice gratitude, which shifts us from negativity and reactivity to optimism, compassion, and serenity. We can focus on what is positive with the world, rather than dwelling on the negative – a subtle, but powerful, shift of the mind.
  • Sleep enhancement – it can be easier to fall asleep when we bring to mind positive things that happened during our day. It will also allow us to sleep deeper and longer, and enjoy dreams, rather than disturbing thoughts/nightmares.
  • Enhances support and collaboration – people who have a regular practice of gratitude, tend to be more open, friendly and appreciative of their friends, family and community at large. Friendships grow stronger and our social support becomes deeper. This has a huge impact on our overall mental and emotional well-being.
  • Fosters resilience and balance – when we are optimistic and grateful, we become more resilient to what life presents us with, and we can better adapt. Positive, rather than negative expectations, trains our brain to notice the good things in our lives and removes our negativity, hence creating a more balanced outlook of the world.

So, during Thanksgiving, try practicing the art of gratitude. I doubt there is much to lose, and only abundance to gain…..!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and loved ones from Garibaldi Health Clinic!

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Better Health, Naturally