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IV Iron Therapy

IV Iron Therapy

Intravenous (IV) Iron Infusions – now offered at Garibaldi Health Clinic!


Do you suffer from low iron levels, or are classified as ‘anemic’?

Have you recently had blood work to confirm this?

Perhaps you take iron supplements, that either are hard on your gut, or it is difficult to increase your iron levels on blood work, by just taking oral iron?


IV iron infusions are administered directly into the bloodstream and bypass your digestive system, therefore not affecting your digestion, and is a way to dramatically increase your iron levels in a safe and effective manner.


What are the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia?

  • Low energy
  • Brittle hair; hair loss
  • Dizziness; can also be associated with low blood pressure
  • Shortness of breath on exertion/exercise
  • Pale complexion
  • Muscle weakness or soreness


In addition, low iron levels can also cause: brain fog, headaches, heart palpitations, weight changes, memory issues, poor immune system, sleep disturbances, restless legs at night, anxiety/depression, and tinnitus.



What are the causes of low iron?:

  • Diet (most often – vegetarian or vegan that does not have adequate intake of iron-rich foods)
  • Poor absorption (ill gut-health)
  • Menstrual causes (heavy menstrual flow)
  • Medications (that lower iron levels, for example PPIs – acid reflux medication)


Why would you get an IV infusion?

  • Blood work shows an iron deficiency and/or anemia
  • Oral iron supplements are too hard on the gut
  • There is a deadline to get iron levels up (ie. Pregnancy, upcoming surgery, chemotherapy, etc.)
  • Highly safe and effective


What is involved?

  • Current blood work (either via your M.D. or N.D.) to establish a baseline in your iron levels
  • IV iron treatments – the number of treatments vary based on your level of iron (hemoglobin, ferritin, transferrin, iron saturation, iron, etc.) on blood work. However, often 1-6 treatments (45 min for an average treatment) is recommended.


Safe/beneficial in:

  • Pregnancy
  • IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), celiac disease patients
  • Pre-surgical
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Cancer, chemotherapy


If you feel some of these symptoms ring true to you, or you are aware that you have low iron, or iron deficiency anemia, IV iron infusions may benefit you!


Please contact Garibaldi Health Clinic for more information or to book-in for an IV iron infusion.



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