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Non-Invasive Breast Screening

ThermographyThermography is an approach to breast screening using digital infrared imaging. This type of scan shows the function, physiology, and metabolism of breast tissue. Abnormal cells tend to be hotter in temperature because a malignant tissue mass develops a network of blood vessels to feed it. A thermogram shows the heat difference between normal breast tissue and problem areas. It provides the earliest evidence of breast disease. The test is very sensitive – in 90% of cases, the scan accurately indicates the presence or absence of disease. In addition, thermography permits the monitoring of one’s breast health, while seeking to improve one’s overall health.

Digital Infrared Imaging (Thermography) does not replace an ultrasound, MRI or a mammogram. These diagnostic imaging tools have their own place in one’s health care. Mammograms show the structural anatomy of the breast. They are useful to detect a mass once it has already developed, but it cannot tell a patient if there is a tumour starting to form.

Thermography, on the other hand, is a proactive approach. Mammograms work best for soft post-menopausal breast tissue, and for slow-growing tumours. In addition, mammograms do not view the whole chest wall and are not effective for certain types of breasts. The only definitive diagnosis for breast cancer is a biopsy. All other methods are investigative and adjunctive diagnostic tools.

The Benefits:

  • Timely: Problems can be found before abnormalities are seen with mammograms. Early detection provides the best outcome.
  • Inclusive: Examines the whole chest, breasts, and armpit areas.
  • Good for All Ages & Stages: From puberty to pregnant, breastfeeding, pre-menopausal, and post-menopausal individuals.
  • Good for All Breast Types: Dense, pregnant, breastfeeding, fibrocystic, enhanced (implants), and women on oral hormone medication (birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy)
  • Painless: No squeezing, no pressure, no touching
  • Risk-free: No harmful rays emitted. Digital infrared imaging scans can be done as often as needed to monitor breast health and to guide treatment.
  • Risk Indicator: Digital infrared imaging results are a better indicator of future breast disease, than a family history of disease.

Garibaldi Health Clinic is hosting a thermography screening clinic November 1st, 2022.
To book an appointment or for further information, please call 604.898.1999


295 plus tax for breast,

490 plus tax for breast with cranial/dental/thyroid

No referral is required.

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