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‘Tis the Season of Giving

‘Tis the Season of Giving

Tis the Season of Giving

The Holiday Season has begun – our social calendars are filling up, beautiful lights are being lit inside and out, trees are being decorated, and we can feel a festive energy in the air. While this time of year can be wonderful and magical, it can also be a very difficult time for many. Some of us have abundance to give, while others have very little – and even fending for food and shelter is a challenge. With cold winter days upon us, warmth via food and clothing is essential. So instead of (or in addition to), why not think of giving something extra to some of the many great charities in our community (or close by) as a great gift to your loved one. It will warm your heart and have an impact on the less fortunate this time of year. Below are some ideas of organizations that you can donate to:

  1. Squamish Helping Hands Society – provides safe and secure food and shelter to homeless and at-risk communities.
  2. Squamish Breakfast Club – a non-profit society in Squamish that raises money for many local youth-initiative programs in Squamish and for drug awareness related to the youth.
  3. Plan International Canada – helps to provide children in 3rd world, or developing countries, to have access to basic human rights such as food, clean water, shelter, education, and health care. It helps to empower children/youth and create stronger communities where the rights of children are protected.
  4. Squamish SPCA – providing care and homes for sick, neglected, abused, and homeless animals.
  5. Squamish Food Bank – a non-profit organization that provides food for those in need in Squamish.
  6. Howe Sound Women’s Centre Society – a grassroot organization that is dedicated to the prevention of violence against women, and to support women, children, and youth impacted by violence or abuse. They provide a transition house and safe home for women and children who are leaving abusive relationships and/or are in unsafe living conditions. This Society supports the needs of women and children in the entire Sea-to-Sky Corridor.
  7. Community Christmas Care – a Squamish community organization led by local churches, the Squamish Helping Hands Society, and the local Food Bank, they raise money and provide donations this time of year to families that are less fortunate.
  8. Squamish Hospice Society – offers support and programs for anyone dealing with a life-limiting illness, for their loved ones, or for those that are grieving.
  9. Sea to Sky Community Services – provides over 40 social service programs, which strengthen individuals and build healthier communities throughout the Sea to Sky Corridor.
  10. Big Brothers, Big Sisters Sea to Sky – to provide a mentor to the youth of this community and to develop and foster youth and child development.



Happy Holidays to you and your family and loved ones!

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