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What is Chelation Therapy?

What is Chelation Therapy?

Removing heavy metals & strengthening the heart….

Prevention and treatment of heart disease under conventional western medicine follows a range of options from lowering cholesterol levels to coronary artery bypass surgery, an expensive and invasive procedure. Did you know that simple lifestyle changes, such as altering your diet, taking nutritional supplements and herbs, and exercising can help prevent heart attacks and strokes? An effective parallel treatment to improve the function of the circulatory system and heart is chelation therapy.

Recognized as a medical specialty that requires training and board-certification for Naturopathic Physicians or Medical Doctors, chelation therapy involves the intravenous administration of an amino acid that can be highly effective in combatting heart disease. Prior to treatment a comprehensive assessment of the patient should be done, including health history, physical examination and laboratory investigation. Chelation may be administered comfortably and safely as every other day, or three times weekly. Patients with advanced heart disease usually require 30 treatments over a period of several months. Many patients report feeling an improvement in their overall sense of well-being as early as halfway through the treatment course.

Chelation therapy is known to improve circulation and remove heavy metals from the body. Other chelators have a high affinity for mercury, but also for other heavy metals such as lead. It is possible, through chelation therapy, to remove significant amounts of calcium from atherosclerotic plaques, thus improving flexibility of blood vessels and widening the openings of arteries, which move blood through the body.

Heavy metals in the body stimulate the formation of harmful free radicals that damage cells and are associated with heart disease, cancer, premature aging, and arthritis. Removing these metals through chelation lowers or reverses the free radical damage thus improving overall health.

EDTA can also improve bone density by releasing certain hormones from the parathyroid gland – therefore stronger bones are an added benefit of chelation therapy!

If you have further questions about chelation therapy and whether it is right for you, please contact Garibaldi Health Clinic and we would be pleased to discuss it further with you.

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